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There can be lots of reasons why you got yourself into TS dating. It may be by accident or by sheer curiosity that you ended up in transexual dating sites. Transsexual dating is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, admitting that you are into transsexual dating is showing that you are not afraid to express yourself. There is really nothing wrong with TS dating if you truly understand what it takes to date a transsexual. However, it is a completely different story if you are only into TS dating for the sexual benefits that come with it. Many people stay away from TS dating because of the misconceptions that society fed them. Before you read on, make sure that you keep your mind open in order for you to understand things in a transsexual’s perspective. By doing so, you will hopefully see and understand what transsexuals are all about.

ts dating 101 - back to basics

What a transsexual is

To put things simply, transsexuals are women that are trapped in a man’s body. This might sound impossible and silly to you but this is possible. In cases of shemales, they have men’s genitals but they appear to be very feminine-like. They are feminine-like in both physical and psychological aspects. In some cases, some transsexuals have bigger breasts than regular men. This may be because they have undergone surgery or they are taking female hormones. It is safe to assume that a transsexual/shemale is a woman that is trapped in a man’s body and is taking measures to become more like a woman physically. It is also important to remember that transsexuals should be treated more like a woman instead of a man.

Kinds of Transsexuals

Yes, there are different kinds of transsexuals. Transsexuals are classified into three kinds: the Pre-op, Post-op and the Non-op transsexuals. The pre-op transsexuals are people that have not gone surgery (sex change) yet but are planning to have one in the near future. Post-op transsexuals are the ones that have already undergone surgery. This means that their male sex organs have already been replaced with female genitals. Lastly, the Non-op transsexuals are the ones that have not undergone any sex change surgery and are not planning to undergo surgery. They are transsexuals that are happy and contented with what they have in the present.

Their reasons

Transsexuals all have their reasons why they undergo sex change surgeries. Their desire to have these surgeries is fueled with different reasons. Some of them think that they are trapped inside the wrong body and the only way to correct this is to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. Even if they look, act and feel like a woman, they can’t change the fact that they are in a man’s body. For this reason, many transsexuals spend lots of money just to undergo sexual reassignment surgeries. We can’t really blame them or look down on them for this though. Think about it, would you feel comfortable if you were inside a body that you don’t want? I am pretty sure that you would do everything you can just to be in a body that you truly want.

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