Top Mistakes Of Man Who Date Trans Woman

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There are a lot of men out there who just have no idea on how to deal with a trans woman accordingly. The funny thing is, most of them just repeat the same mistakes with transgender dating over and over again. Because of this, they end up giving up on the idea or the possibility of actually finding someone when in fact, with just minor changes or adjustments with their behaviour and outlook, they can have a very high chance of meeting a trans woman.

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When dating a TS woman, you need to shy away from using derogatory terms which can insult your date. These terms are tranny, ladyboy, or shemale. Unlike what most people believe, ts women do not actually appreciate the fact that they are being objectified because of their sexual orientation or preference. Also, by using those terms, you can end up delivering the wrong impression to your date. Even if you do not mean it, you could come off as someone who is not taking ts dating seriously. Generally, trans women would love to have a partner who will make them feel comfortable with their own skin. After all, you can avoid using those terms by preferring more acceptable terms such as TS or transsexual.

A common mistake among men who date a trans woman is that they often unintentionally come off as defensive. What happens during the first date is that the man would try to make excuses about his own sexuality by saying that he is not really guy or whatever. Saying this kind of thing on your first date is almost like raising the flag of confusion, and it is definitely not the kind of flag that you want to be waving. Ts women are into men who have a stand, those who know what they really want for themselves. Saying all those kinds of excuses on the very first minute of your date is surely not the way you want to go with your ts dating experience.

mistakes of man who date trans woman

Another red flag that men raise when dating a trans woman is having that notion that the act of dating one makes them better as a person. It is as if they think that they are doing the ts women a favour by giving them attention and dating them. Believe it or not, there is no point thinking about that when dating trans women. These women have seen it all; rich, handsome, physically fit, geeks. Thinking that you are doing ts women a favour for dating will not help your ts dating experience at all. Aside from coming off as an arrogant ass, you are also depriving yourself the chance of getting a shot with some of the most amazing women you will ever meet.

Finally, not just because you are dealing with ts women means that you can be lax and careless and irresponsible. Dating a trans woman entails a good amount of patience. These women know their worth, and you surely do not want to make them feel like they are worth less than a diamond.

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Hassan white April 6, 2017 at 4:20 am

I agree with all being said. But dont like sites where u have to pay to take a date out


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